Independent Arts & Media is a unique and growing fiscal sponsor for artists, journalists and media producers. We support independent producers and projects that advance our mission, by enabling independent producers doing non-commercial work in the public interest to raise their own funding, and develop and present their work on their own terms.

Our vision for fiscal sponsorship as a transformative “free speech platform” comes from our own experiences as journalists, artists, and media producers who needed better infrastructure for their public-interest work.

IAM currently supports over 60 affiliates dedicated to non-commercial work in media and the arts, including publishing, theater, dance, music, visual art, film and video, journalism, history, and public-events production.

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2014-2016 Strategic Plan:

The IAM Board of Directors recently completed a strategic planning process detailing three years of goals and strategies to support IAM’s growth and leadership in the arts and media field. View the final version of IAM’s Strategic Plan 2014-2016 (PDF), initially approved by the Board on August 1, 2014.  This is an organic plan, designed to updated over the course of its implementation as new goals and objectices are identified.



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