Independent Arts & Media supports people and projects that use media and the arts to build community and participation.

IAM is a unique and growing fiscal sponsor for artists, journalists and media producers of all sorts. We support work that advances our mission, by enabling independent producers doing non-commercial work to raise their own funding, and develop and present their work on their own terms.

Our vision for fiscal sponsorship as a “free speech platform” — that empowers independent producers doing noncommercial work — comes from our own experience as journalists, artists and media producers who needed better infrastructure for their public-interest work.

Founded in 2000, IAM also produced large arts and media expositions around San Francisco, including the annual Expo for the Artist & Musician and Journalism Innovations conference, plus many other periodic workshops, screenings, panels and public discussions.

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Democracy Needs Independent Voices

Democracy is more than political parties, opinion blogs and long lines at the local polling station.

Democracy is a conversation, one that’s going on all the time — an exchange of ideas, perspectives, experiences and information about our world and how we want to live in it.

Independent Arts & Media exists to broaden and deepen that conversation.

We support the media producers and culture makers whose important works don’t fit with the commercial mass-media formula — and whose innovations are below the radar of the big nonprofit institutions.