Affiliate Projects

Fiscal sponsorship allows projects to receive tax-deductible donations and grants as an affiliate to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Independent Arts & Media is committed to the editorial and creative autonomy of its sponsored projects.



559943_581650535197909_1796374578_n14 Black Poppies produces intercultural community, arts, and wellness workshops and cultural events that renew neighborhoods, generations, and spirits.


America on the Auction Block | A Digital Archive is an interactive web-based storytelling project. The website will serve as a portal or repository for participants to add their personal experiences relating to the foreclosure crisis to a multi-media collection of photos, videos, stories, and journalism regarding the 2006-2008 housing market crash. It is collaborative, expansive and inclusive, an avenue for Americans to memorialize the crash while creating a useful archive for future reflection and scholarship.

Logo A RevisedAmericana Orchestra is a San Francisco-based chamber music ensemble performing music inspired by the American experience. Each year, the ensemble commissions original scores inspired by field research, community interviews, and American history. The scores are performed in concerts alongside classics from the American concert music canon.


ARCHCOMIX  Arch Comix are non-fictional, journalistic comics which offer a new perspective on US foreign and domestic policy and give voice to stories that wouldn’t otherwise be heard.


Artist’s Playground Project seeks to involve artists in the design and creation of playgrounds in their own communities, with the goal of making sculptured landscapes that support rich narrative play for children while engaging adults with public spaces in new ways.


Atomic Cabaret is a multi-media musical solo-performance work on the nuclear state of the world produced and performed by Lynda Williams, The Physics Chanteuse.


Circus Bella is an open air, one-ring circus featuring contemporary, high-level acts set to an original score performed by live musicians. David Hunt and Abigail Munn created Circus Bella in the spring of 2008 to respond to a shared dream for accessible and high quality circus in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Camp Banner Logo  Clarion Alley Mural Project is dedicated to supporting and producing socially engaged and aesthetically innovative public art as a grassroots community-based, artist-run organization in San Francisco. CAMP is a platform for free speech that supports social justice through the creation of public murals and public events. In a city that is rapidly changing to cater to the one-percent at every level, CAMP is one of the last remaining truly punk venues in San Francisco.


club stribeClub Stride is a youth-services program that uses its Hype 808 radio program to challenge negative stereotypes in today’s youth culture. Club Stride works to reshape youth-identity narratives by developing a powerful youth voice and positive youth presence, plus resources, information, news and inspiration.


CHNA_Logo_REV  The College Hill Neighborhood Association‘s (The Lost Tribe of) College Hill Awareness & Beautification Project has a mission to beautify and build awareness of the College Hill neighborhood in San Francisco; to increase usage of the Bernal Cut Path (a little-known greenbelt alternative to walking along Mission St. and San Jose Ave.); and to support patronage of the businesses on Mission St. between Appleton Ave. and Bosworth St., mom-and-pop shops that are largely Latino-owned. The primary means of achieving the project’s mission will be to create a mural on a public building managed by the San Francisco Department of Public Works at 3600 Mission at Appleton, at the mouth of the Bernal Cut Path. This project is spearheaded by the College Hill Neighborhood Association in partnership with neighborhood residents and City agencies.


colors of connectionColors of Connection is a youth arts organization that enables connections between people and communities through creative expression. The mission of the organization is to nurture hope, well-being and development in disadvantaged youth and societies worldwide through community-based art and through advocacy for art in education.


CounterCorp seeks to spotlight, curtail, and ultimately prevent the corrosive political, economic, and social effects that large for-profit corporations have around the world.  CounterCorp’s programming has included the Anti-Corporate Film Festival.

double_union_logoDouble Union is a hacker/maker space for women in San Francisco.  Our mission is to create a community workshop where women can work on projects in a comfortable, welcoming environment.


Earth Logo‘s mission is to run a competition to design a new worldwide symbol for sustainability.  The idea for Earth Logo was inspired by the Peace Symbol.  In the same way that the Peace Symbol inspires people to embrace peace, our hope is that the Earth Logo will inspire people to embrace sustainability in their daily lives.


Emerald Table Logo  Emerald Tablet‘s mission is to provide an art and event space in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco and to foster a cultural crossroads where visual, literary, musical, and cinematic arts may encounter science and spirituality, and people of all backgrounds, interests, and aesthetic tastes can come together to influence and inspire one another.


EID-LOGO Even In Darkness is a short documentary and photo essay following the 50-year-old Night Ministry as it counsels at-risk communities on the streets of San Francisco after dark.


The Friends of the Sunnyvale Pottery Studio (FSPS) is a community group of volunteers formed to support and extend the reach of the pottery programs and studio in Sunnyvale, California. FSPS’s mission is to serve the community by providing financial and volunteer support for an inclusive, affordable, and sustainable venue of creativity through the medium of clay.


Baghdad2BayLogoRough_IAM From Baghdad To The Bay is a dramatic feature length documentary. It is a courageous story of an audacious Iraqi refugee and former translator for the US Military who struggles to rebuild his life as an openly gay man in the San Francisco Bay Area.


lindenleafGerlind Institute’s Oral History Series – Founded in Oakland in 2006, the Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies is a progressive community-based and -supported educational organization dedicated to the teaching and promotion of German language, literature, and culture. The Gerlind Institute’s Oral History Series is the centerpiece of our institute’s educational programs and highlights life stories of members of our community who are Holocaust survivors, refugees, immigrants, scholars, and artists, as well as guests from German-speaking countries.


logo_draft_small  Haxan Festival is an annual Bay Area film festival spotlighting local emerging artists exploring the metaphysical realms of film and media. Celebrating the Personal Occult.


idiotstring-logo  Idiot String inspires enjoyment of community, pride in place, and creative imagination by offering free public performances and opportunities for educational programs. We create live, participatory performance events that bring delight to community public spaces, using simple machines to create low-tech theatrical magic and a sense of wonder. Our performances invigorate public space, empower imaginative interaction with the physical world, and activate connections between people.


The I’ll Cover You Campaign seeks to bring awareness to the definition of true humanity by facilitating the use of social media and artistic expression as a medium to promote solidarity, community involvement, and cultural sensitivity. bw original  Imprint.City is a San Francisco-based nonprofit seeking to cultivate urban art in order to vitalize community.


In-Between Places is a project to include a 60-minute documentary and community engagement activities to to raise awareness of, and contribute to public conversations on interpersonal consequences of U.S. immigration policies on the families of Latino, migrant workers crisscrossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The documentary film will follow families living in a segregated housing community for migrant farmworkers in the San Joaquin Valley. The film will document ways in which families living in ongoing conditions of statelessness maintain strong connections, develop community ties, and frame their identities for themselves and for their children.


Information and Mind LOGOInformation and Mind is a Bay Area/Tel Aviv-based independent, multidisciplinary organization working to investigate our evolving role in the human-machine ecosystem. Our goal is to promote awareness of the effects of hyperconnectivity on our cognitive, emotional, and psychological well-being. Using existing and new research we offer knowledge, encourage debate, develop programs, and spark action for human empowerment alongside the exponential burst of information technology, setting alternative paradigms for managing technology to best serve our human values.


The Intersection: Bay Area at a Crossroads is a series of sound portraits of Bay Area intersections – street corners where different cultures, ideas and histories meet everyday. We collaborate with the people who live and work there, and facilitate their storytelling. We combine sometimes-overlooked voices with intersection soundscapes. Each audio piece will air on public radio and be available on the project’s website. Individually and as a series, The Intersection presents a fuller picture of how Bay Area communities are being impacted by this period of unprecedented growth and change.


the iruke project logo  The Iruke Project is a multimedia performance company devoted to exploring issues of social justice and sustainable communities.


lifehealthLifeHealth is a free public-information smartphone app that provides one-touch access to a wide variety of mental health and suicide-prevention services, including live, realtime counseling services.


Litography   The Litography Project is an online multimedia map that features audio stories about the Bay Area’s literary past, present, and future. It is a partnership with KALW Public Radio 91.7 and Litseen, a literary events calendar. It is a curated collaboration with artists, writers, storytellers, and designers that exemplifies the Bay Area’s varied and vibrant literary scenes.


The purpose and mission of the Lower Polk Community Benefit District Project is to improve the quality of life for those who live, work, and visit the Lower Polk Neighborhood in San Francisco through the promotion and production of art, culture, and community development. Lower Polk CBD programming has included events such as the Fern Alley Open Art Market and monthly Lower Polk Art Walk.


Million puppet marchMillion Puppet March advocates for media reform and media justice through live, large-scale puppet interventions.


M0xy  M0xy is more than an art studio or a gallery space, M0xy is an Arts Incubator. As the Bay Area evolves, studio space for industrial artists, craftsman and fabricators has become increasingly scarce. Meanwhile, the demand for the products of these makers is growing exponentially nationwide and around the world. Offering the affordable studio space that is already in high demand, as well as exhibition space for completed works, M0xy also provides the infrastructure for artists to expand their audience. Our resident artists receive all the support they need, from brand strategy, website building and PR to grant-writing and RFP sourcing and presentation to thrive.


foot2014spring The Mpowerdance Project provides cutting-edge dance-art performance process, training and opportunities for San Francisco Bay Area low-income kids and young adults. We also serve the cancer care community through the healing art of exercise for cancer survivors. Its Global Dance Project integrates local and global community involvement using media and dance-art performance. Mpowerdance Company performs benefit productions for the Project’s programming, and/or benefits other non-profit organizations that serve our community. Mpowerdance Project strengthens its understanding of nature and sustainability through nature immersion programs that include nutrition and sustainable ecology, myth, restorative retreats, and outdoor performance.


Mystic Midway Banner  Mystic Midway is an ongoing transmedia project dedicated to bringing creative social experiences to anyone interested in exploring “The Circus of Life.”  Mystic Midway has just been chosen to feature at Burning Man’s Carnival of Mirrors Festival where we will unleash our unique brand of participatory spectacle, open minds and take audiences on journeys into “The Mythic Mirror!”



NOW FOR NOW is a devised, multimedia physical theater piece created by theater artists Mark Jackson and Megan Trout. Three relationships between a woman and man a generation apart – a daughter and father, a student and teacher, a romance – are explored over 40 years of life. Their stories converge and diverge in dialogues, movement, and real-time texting, IMs, and Skypes. NOW FOR NOW explores how perceptions of both the need to be, and means of being, “present” with another person differ and correspond between generations and genders in the new Internet era.


Nuestro Camino: Stories of Migration from California’s Unaccompanied Minors is a collaboration between radio producer Jasmin Mara Lopez and Oakland International High School. This project will provide media trainings to youth, offer insight into the lives and adjustment of some of California’s newest arrivals, while facilitating public engagement on issues of youth immigration.


The goal of the Ohlone Profiles Project is to document the ongoing lives of Ohlone leaders and organizations. Almost no one in San Francisco knows that the largest living Ohlone tribe, with 2,000 members, began a migration from San Francisco’s Mission Dolores in 1834 and now live in Pomona, California. The Ohlone Profiles Project exists to give as many Ohlone groups as possible visibility and support and to provide a cultural presence entirely separate from federal recognition.


Old Growth Arts broadens the dialogue on what it means to have a sense of place. It does this by facilitating a balance between the natural world and a productive engagement with art, in a variety of mediums.


Founded in November of 2013, Opera in the Slope aims to serve the opera loving residents of beautiful and historic Park Slope, Brooklyn, as well as audiences from throughout the borough and beyond.  We strive to sustain the lyric art with high-caliber singers and musicians, while creating  family opera in an intimate setting.


OUT HERE creates inspirational events and projects that expand definitions of art and it’s relationship to place.  With a focus on Sonoma County, we encourage collaborations between people in the area – artists, farmers, tourists, locals. Together we form new ways to think and learn about place, uncover what goes unnoticed, and experience our surroundings with new perspective. OUT HERE includes: exhibitions, publications, performances, lectures, radio programs, community dinners, and an annual multi-disciplinary, site-specific art tour of Sonoma County.


OutLook_LogoStacked.2   Outlook Theater Project creates original performances about relevant issues from a queer perspective. OutLook’s goals are to: 1) create and perform high quality performance works in collaboration with diverse communities and organizations; 2) explore innovative methods of creating community and issues-based theater; 3) raise visibility about issues that the LGBT community faces; and 4) build a network of artists, activists, community members and supporters who engage in mutual support and dialogue.


As a literary journal, Paul Revere’s Horse aspires towards literary intervention:  to be a venue for powerful new writing that needs presentation to readers.


logo is a bold new approach to community-based journalism, featuring community voices in video based storytelling, text and photo articles and Op-Eds; maximizing the power of online media; and presenting our content to communities and legislators.


Phadroid-Collective_Logo(black)  Phadroid Collective is a synthesis of the visible and the invisible expressed through a seamless fusion of cutting edge visual and dance vocabularies. Phadroid Collective is the expansion of this well-established performance model into a creative multidisciplinary venture that connects, across the globe, talented artists and technological innovators to inspire the public domain and dare explore unchartered territory.


Polar Bear Style Media‘s mission is to give insight into the creative, spiritual, and community-revitalizing culture of Burning Man through journalism, media, and outreach about its network and local derivations. is a civic-information tool that helps users discover the financial impacts of their votes in federal elections.


Project Luz seeks to inspire and empower youth living in communities throughout Mexico and California. With the help of dedicated volunteers, Project Luz provides youth with photography resources (professional mentors, instruction and equipment) necessary to encourage positive social change within themselves and their community. We understand photojournalism as a powerful tool for community self-reflection and empowerment.


1-Christina Linsky and Aaron Simunovich Sertember 22 2012-0557  Project: Open Box provides a free rich development platform for low-income artists looking for a space to perform original works.


protohack_logo(black)  ProtoHack was created to give the public the tools they need through our unique, inspirational events. We enable anyone with technology related ideas to express themselves and launch their idea or endeavor that brings value to humanity, without being intimidated about technology itself.

LogoPublik / Private works to provide internship opportunities and referrals, job placement and career development for musicians, arts and culture journalists and creative writers within their fields of interest or study. We connect musicians with work at indie record labels, recording studios, online magazines, and other arts related companies, so they may obtain valuable work experience in the music and arts industry.


SF Comics Festival Logo  The San Francisco Comics Festival is a celebration of San Francisco comics culture: past, present, and future. The Festival focuses on promoting the comics medium and, specifically, San Francisco’s role in the development of the artform as a whole. We intend the Festival to foster growth in the existing local comics community and to encourage participation in the greater arts community.


SACW_logo Seattle Attic Community Workshop is a feminist, woman-centered, trans- and queer- inclusive space for tinkerers, makers, crafters and hackers of all genders. Our goal is to offer a safe, non-intimidating environment, tools, and a supportive, friendly community to help feminist makers and hackers learn and build.


shadesShades: The Magazine For All Women Of Color covers and highlights the concerns, issues and stories of ALL women of color, including those who are African American, Hispanic, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Native American, and the underserved groups within these various ethnic communities around the globe.


shaping sfShaping San Francisco is a participatory community history project documenting and archiving overlooked stories and memories of San Francisco. We are committed to defining a new kind of public space, specifically around a shared interest in our interrelated social histories. We mean “community” in a few different ways, and these definitions help shape our approach to promoting the everyday study of history.


Sights & Sounds of Bayview: The Boom & Bloom Project will commission six sound-rich multimedia portraits of people who live and work in the Bayview neighborhood and are working to create positive change in San Francisco. In sharing these stories and gathering the Bayview community, the project will provide a space for people to celebrate the richness of the neighborhood’s culture and foster new connections within the community.


LogoSiliconValley-STEM480x320Silicon Valley STEM + A = Jobs informs and educates K-12 teachers, parents, and students about existing issues, resources and educational/instructional programs for teaching and learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and the Arts.  In response to the Common Core State Standards’ dual goal of preparation for both career and college, this program will also interview local hiring managers at corporations and professors at colleges to find out what background requirements are needed for a STEM+A career and/or college entrance.


SonicSF SonicSF is a new breed of radio show that takes its standards from NPR and its humor and narrative sensibility from pop culture to deliver an addictively entertaining series.


Logo-SHBN  The Stanford Hispanic Broadcasting Network is a cultural bilingual network that broadcasts on air and on-line. It showcases the world of Latinos and Hispanics, people of this this heritage, and cases of relevance for this global community.


CST-film-poster-square3  Still I Rise – The Film is an independent documentary film directed by Sheri Shuster and co-produced by Emmy Award winner Layda Negrete. This film will be an intimate portrait of a bold survivor-activist who becomes a national leader in the campaign to end human trafficking.


Tenderloin Walking Tours tries to present the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco in a favorable setting through community tours and development programming. Among the grit, grime and crime concentrated in an 8 by 8 square block area of one of the world’s most expensive cities, TWT offers four different tours which show the upward social situations alongside the negative. In 2015 TWT launched Code Tenderloin to provide pre-employment services to local community members seeking jobs with the technology companies moving into the Tenderloin community.


VoiceBox is Colorado Public Radio‘s sound-rich exploration of the human voice. Each episode delves into the diverse world of shouters, singers, announcers and stutterers, and ponders the meaning and importance of the most primal of musical instruments.


Watershed-Media-Project-Logo  Watershed Media Project is a new initiative to research and develop grassroots funding, production and promotional models for independent, public-interest journalism and media. Watershed seeks to develop a series of small, simple, incremental goals over longer periods of time, by periodically publishing research, analysis and commentary using blogs and social media; and by encompassing and managing and as test platforms for its overarching hypothesis:  Grassroots funding and production models for journalism can more effectively serve key public-interest needs than institutional news media and monetized news products.


 WATT: The Working Arts & Technology Training program is designed to educate youth of color about the opportunities in the creative fields of graphic design, video production, photography, copy writing and editing, and technology related careers.


WSV LogoWhite Shark Video:  Turning research into film, because let’s face it, you’re not going to read research papers.


Logo TWH  The Wild Hunt is a daily online news journal serving the greater Pagan, Heathen and Polytheist communities. Each day, The Wild Hunt reports on or discusses news and trending topics coming from or relating to modern Pagan religions and other minority faiths.  Since its founding in 2004, The Wild Hunt has grown to become one of the most-visited and popular destinations exploring these topics.

WFI-WITH-SPACEThe San Francisco International Women’s Film Institute supports, promotes, exhibits and honors the achievements and contributions of the women in the world of cinema through a festival and other programs.


You and Me and the Fruit Trees is a character driven documentary that interweaves compelling stories from five survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA), expert testimony and the leaders of the social justice movement to end CSA providing a balanced view of this endemic. Through each story we see how society’s inability to effectively address child sexual abuse impacts not only individuals, but whole communities and society at large. Each character faces the continuing struggle between living with trauma and being present, between oppression and freedom, and between the stigma and publicly sharing their story. Each character provides an inside look at the ongoing trauma they face and what they are doing to heal and transform.