Affiliate Projects

Fiscal sponsorship allows projects to receive tax-deductible donations and grants as an affiliate to a nonprofit organization. Independent Arts & Media is committed to the editorial and creative autonomy of sponsored projects.



559943_581650535197909_1796374578_n14 Black Poppies produces intercultural community, arts, and wellness workshops and cultural events that renew neighborhoods, generations, and spirits.


Logo A RevisedAmericana Orchestra is a chamber music ensemble performing music inspired by the American experience. Each year, the ensemble commissions original scores by emerging voices - works inspired by field research, community interviews, and American history. These original scores are performed in concerts alongside existing work in the repertory, creating a sonic tapestry of American. The quartet was founded by Karl Cronin (composer), Natalie Carducci (violin), Cassie Bequary (violin), Clio Tilton (viola), and Gretchen Claassen (cello), and features a rolling cast of guest performers.



Arch Comix


Barel Roll Media Logo-ReducedBarrell Roll Media is dedicated to creating educational and entertaining film and video productions to engage and inspire disadvantaged or underrepresented young people, inspiring them to think outside the box in order to achieve their dreams and goals in life.


Founded in January 2006, The Bay Bridged has become recognized as the leading source for the best in San Francisco Bay Area independent rock, folk and pop music.


Child Sex Trafficking: A Love Story An Intimate Portrait of a bold survivor-activist who becomes a national leader in the campaign to end human trafficking.
Circus Bella is an open air, one-ring circus featuring contemporary, high-level acts set to an original score performed by live musicians. David Hunt and Abigail Munn created Circus Bella in the spring of 2008 to respond to a shared dream for accessible and high quality circus in the San Francisco Bay Area.


club stribeClub Stride is a youth-services program that uses its Hype 808 radio program to challenge negative stereotypes in today’s youth culture. Club Stride works to reshape youth-identity narratives by developing a powerful youth voice and positive youth presence, plus resources, information, news and inspiration.


colors of connectionColors of Connection is a youth arts organization that enables connections between people and communities through creative expression. The mission of the organization is to nurture hope, well-being and development in disadvantaged youth and societies worldwide through community-based art and through advocacy for art in education.


SMall Conversation Logo 2 The Conversation is a podcast that uses long-format interviews with a cross-section of American thinkers to challenge its listeners to think critically about the status quo. From social justice to agronomy, each interviewee critiques some aspect of normality, proposes a better future, and attempts to explain why that future is, philosophically, good. This focus on philosophy encourages listeners of all backgrounds to look beneath superficial political divides and examine humanistic issues that seldom appear in conventional news or documentary work. The Conversation’s goal is to promote a broader, smarter, and more empathetic conversation about the future in society at-large.


CounterCorp seeks to spotlight, curtail, and ultimately prevent the corrosive political, economic, and social effects that large for-profit corporations have around the world.


double_union_logoDouble Union is a hacker/maker space for women in San Francisco.  Our mission is to create a community workshop where women can work on projects in a comfortable, welcoming environment.


Baghdad2BayLogoRough_IAMFrom Baghdad To The Bay is a dramatic feature length documentary.  It is a courageous story of an audacious Iraqi refugee and former translator for the US Military who struggles to rebuild his life as an openly gay man in the San Francisco Bay Area.


lindenleafGerlind Institute’s Oral History Series.  Founded in Oakland in 2006, the Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies (GICS) is a progressive community-based and -supported educational organization dedicated to the teaching and promotion of German language, literature, and culture. The Gerlind Institute’s Oral History Series is the centerpiece of our institute’s educational programs. The OH Series highlights life stories of members of our community who are Holocaust survivors, refugees, immigrants, scholars, and artists, as well as guests from German-speaking countries.


Information and Mind LOGOInformation and Mind is a Bay Area/Tel Aviv-based independent, multidisciplinary organization working to investigate our evolving role in the human-machine ecosystem. Our goal is to promote awareness of the effects of hyperconnectivity on our cognitive, emotional, and psychological well-being. Using existing and new research we offer knowledge, encourage debate, develop programs, and spark action for human empowerment alongside the exponential burst of information technology, setting alternative paradigms for managing technology to best serve our human values.


lifehealthLifeHealth.Us is a free public-information smartphone app that provides one-touch access to a wide variety of mental health and suicide-prevention services, including live, realtime counseling services.


Million puppet marchMillion Puppet March advocates for media reform and media justice through live, large-scale puppet interventions.


foot2014spring The Mpowerdance Project provides cutting-edge dance-art performance process, training and opportunities for San Francisco Bay Area low-income kids and young adults. We also serve the cancer care community through the healing art of exercise for cancer survivors. Its Global Dance Project integrates local and global community involvement using media and dance-art performance. Mpowerdance Company performs benefit productions for the Project’s programming, and/or benefits other non-profit organizations that serve our community. Mpowerdance Project strengthens its understanding of nature and sustainability through nature immersion programs that include nutrition and sustainable ecology, myth, restorative retreats, and outdoor performance.


nichi beiThe Nichi Bei Weekly is one of the oldest Japanese-American newspapers in the United States, and is a pioneering nonprofit-news publisher.


NOW FOR NOW is a devised, multi-media physical performance created by theater artists Mark Jackson and Megan Trout. Three relationships between a woman and man a generation apart—a daughter and father, a student and teacher, a romance—are explored over 40 years of life. Their stories converge and diverge in dialogues, movement, and real-time texting, IMs, and Skypes. NOW FOR NOW explores how perceptions of both the need to be, and means of being, “present” with another person differ and correspond between generations and genders in the new Internet era.


The goal of the Ohlone Profiles Project is to document the ongoing lives of Ohlone leaders and organizations… The tribe supports a thriving Ohlone cultural life including a song and dance group, and weekly sweat lodge healing ceremonies. The Ohlone Profiles Project exists to give as many Ohlone groups as possible visibility and support.


Old Growth Arts broadens the dialogue on what it means to have a sense of place. It does this by facilitating a balance between the natural world and a productive engagement with art, in a variety of mediums.


As a literary journal, Paul Revere’s Horse aspires towards literary intervention:  to be a venue for powerful new writing that needs presentation to readers.


logo is a bold new approach to community-based journalism, featuring community voices in video based storytelling, text and photo articles and Op-Eds; maximizing the power of online media; and presenting our content to communities and legislators. is a civic-information tool that helps users discover the financial impacts of their votes in federal elections.


Project Luz seeks to inspire and empower youth living in communities throughout Mexico and California. With the help of dedicated volunteers, Project Luz provides youth with photography resources (professional mentors, instruction and equipment) necessary to encourage positive social change within themselves and their community. We understand photojournalism as a powerful tool for community self-reflection and empowerment.

LogoPublik/Private works to provide internship opportunities and referrals, job placement and career development for musicians, arts and culture journalists and creative writers within their fields of interest or study.We connect musicians with work at indie record labels, recording studios, online magazines, and other arts related companies, so they may obtain valuable work experience in the music and arts industry.


shadesShades: The Magazine for all Women of Color covers and highlights the concerns, issues and stories of ALL women of color, including those who are African American, Hispanic, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Native American, and the underserved groups within these various ethnic communities around the globe.


shaping sfShaping San Francisco is a participatory community history project documenting and archiving overlooked stories and memories of San Francisco. We are committed to defining a new kind of public space, specifically around a shared interest in our interrelated social histories. We mean “community” in a few different ways, and these definitions help shape our approach to promoting the everyday study of history.


signalmedialogosmall- logo smallSignal Media Project promotes and facilitates the accurate portrayal of science, technology and history in popular media. This is accomplished by generating and presenting critical review, and offering consultation by qualified subject matter experts through all phases of the production and delivery of documentary, short and feature films; television programming; on and offline video and digital media; and print communication. In doing so, Signal Media Project strives to support the creative process, improve audience understanding, and encourage critical thinking in these important arenas that influence our culture. Signal Media Project is nonpartisan and nonprofit.


LogoSiliconValley-STEM480x320Silicon Valley STEM + A = Jobs informs and educates K-12 teachers, parents, and students about existing issues, resources and educational/instructional programs for teaching and learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and the Arts.

In response to the Common Core State Standards’ dual goal of preparation for both career AND college, this program will also interview local hiring managers at corporations AND professors at colleges to find out what background requirements are needed for a STEM+A career and/or college entrance.


SonicSF SonicSF is a new breed of radio show that takes its standards from NPR and its humor and narrative sensibility from pop culture to deliver an addictively entertaining series.


VoiceBox is Public Radio’s eclectic show devoted to the art of singing. Host Chloe Veltman explores the best of the vocal music scene on NPR affiliate KALW 91.7 FM


WSV LogoWhite Shark Video Turning research into film, because let’s face it, you’re not going to read research papers.


WFI-WITH-SPACEThe San Francisco International Women’s Film Institute supports, promotes, exhibits and honors the achievements and contributions of the women in the world of cinema through a festival and other programs.