The ELEMENTS began as Seeds of Resistance, an investigative project intended to produce and disseminate further information about the implications of consolidation in the seed and agri-chemical industries, the growing seed sovereignty movement, and the response to climatic disruptions on the planet’s earth growing lands.

The ELEMENTS will be a four-part podcast with accompanying articles, focussed on how climate change is impacting the four 'elements' essential to all life: Earth, Fire, Air, Water. The focus at this stage will be on California and produced in partnership with KALW public media.

Arising out of the themes investigated and explored in the book SEEDS OF RESISTANCE: The Fight to Save Our Food Supply by Mark Schapiro, this project seeks to develop new forms of message dissemination, while contributing to the education of the public on the implications of the struggle now underway. By combining investigative journalism with clear messaging — delivered through media, speaking and alternative routes, including audio and animation — this project aims to inform the public with the ultimate aim of spurring action.


Cover art from book Seeds of Resistance