IAM's Programming & Services

First and foremost, fiscal sponsorship enables our Affiliates to receive grants and tax-deductible donations from individuals, foundations, and government agencies.

By operating under IAM's tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status, you'll have access to these charitable revenue sources, traditionally reserved for only IRS-approved nonprofits ... but fiscal sponsorship doesn't end there! 

Depending on the type of sponsorship relationship, our Affiliates may also have access to other resources and services.


Here are some of the services available to all IAM Affiliates:

  • Donation management, including IRS-mandated donor acknowledgment letters
  • Ability to receive in kind donations, stock donations, and corporate matching gifts
  • Comprehensive financial reports updated monthly
  • Online fundraising support through Flipcause, including low-fee options for crowdfunding, peer-to-peer campaigns, event registration, and text-to-give options
  • Support with grant applications, administration, and reporting
  • Access to IAM’s FREE Coaching & Consulting Program, which offers direct access to nonprofit professionals with expertise in fundraising and grant development; communications strategy and social media marketing; strategic planning; organizational and leadership development; and program development
  • Access to IAM’s online Affiliate Member Center, featuring a variety of fundraising and programmatic resources
  • Workshops and trainings to develop fundraising skills, grant development, financial management, and strategic communications
  • Access to exhibition and meeting space at the Pacific Felt Factory in San Francisco's Mission District
  • Online promotional support through IAM's website, email announcements, and social media profiles
  • Access to IAM's Google Ad Grants
  • Referrals for legal, accounting, insurance, and other professional services


Additional services for Model A fiscally sponsored Affiliates:

IAM provides comprehensive operational and administrative support to our Model A Affiliates in key areas of nonprofit management - including financial management and bill pay services, human resources, payroll administration, tax preparation and filing, insurance, and legal compliance.

  • Vendor bill pay services for all Model A Affiliates (and Model C+ Affiliates)
  • Access to "petty cash" credit cards
  • Support in determining W2 employee versus contractor status for all personnel
  • Employee payroll and workers comp for Model A employees
  • Support in preparing independent contractor agreements
  • Tax reporting, including annual IRS filings and Form 1099s
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage, including general liability (with sexual misconduct coverage for youth programming), business property, non-owned/hired automobiles, Errors & Omission / Cyber, and workers comp (for W2 employees)


Read more about IAM's Model A and Model C fiscal sponsorship programs:


Independent Arts & Media subscribes to the best practice guidelines of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors

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