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The Kreole & Krawfish CommUNITY Gathering, organized by POWERED By MUSIC, is a truly inspiring event that aims to raise funds for the “Are You Ready To Learn with Andre Thierry” music program. Through the program’s noble intent of preserving the rich French Kreole heritage and culture while supporting music education, we make positive impacts to ensure that this cultural legacy endures its traditions for future generations.
This outdoor gathering has something for everyone - a spacious dance floor, a creative zone for children filled with arts, crafts, and games, comfortable reserved table seating, and lawn seating. The atmosphere is filled with good vibes, making it the perfect place for family-friendly reunions.
On May 11, 2024, attendees will enjoy the electrifying performances of Grammy-nominated artist Andre Thierry and other talented Kreole musicians from Louisiana and Texas as they unite and showcase their high-energy rhythmic expressions, calling ALL music lovers to the dance floor! Join us and experience the musical traditions passed down from generation to generation as we share the heART of the French Kreole culture.
This event is a beautiful opportunity for people of all ages and cultures to come together and have a great time while supporting a meaningful cause. Ticket proceeds from this event provide children with music assemblies, workshops, instruments, educational materials, and community events.
Tickets go on sale February 15, 2024, at Eventbrite.com For more information, please visit www.kreolekrawfish.com




Music is an amazing power of communication—a power through sound that brings people together as one.

We co-create through the power of music. The music, events, and projects are the voice that benefits the cause. The gift is creating, producing, and making it happen.

Our multicultural events, projects, and programs share world music with inspirational rhythmic experiences, benefitting our local and global communities.

Collaborating ideal relationships and strategic alliances helps us partner with resources that engage in diverse institutions towards supporting our beneficiaries with; music education, healthy foods, and a positive environmental impact in San Francisco Bay Area, California, the U.S., and abroad.

The assignment is building a universal awareness platform for humanitarian efforts driven by the power of music. Through our music, events, projects, educational programs, and audio, video & film production, we contribute to soulutions with a global generation.

All music events, projects, and educational programs we create are for the soul purpose of Connecting4Cause.


The AYRTL music program for children combines traditional and newly composed music, exploring the Kreole culture and Zydeco Music of Southwest Louisana.

Andre Thierry exhibits interactive ways to share a mix of African and Native American Blues and French Kreole dance melodies with elements of Afro-Caribbean music. The instruments he introduces are the vest rub boards, drums, and accordion; all are popular Zydeco instruments.

The program offers assemblies and workshops. The curriculum ranges from a simple introduction to complete rhythmic activities that involve listening and guessing games, music vocabulary, creating a song with the artist, and planning their recital for parents.


For more information please contact us at info@poweredbymusicllc.com