Serving Families Citywide

Serving Families Citywide’s mission is to provide youth and young adults in San Francisco with timely resources and support as they mature academically, socially, and professionally.

We are a support system for youth and young adults looking for their path to successful and productive lives. We will provide resources for academic support, social support and life skill training.  Our unique job readiness training and community service-based program will provide our participants with the necessary skills needed to succeed in whatever path they choose to take in life.  We will aid in guiding youth and young adults to create opportunities for themselves through positive role modeling, from both youth and adults through living examples of success.

The SFC high school and young adult job readiness training program was created to help students, ages 14-24, transform their lives, design their future, develop life skills and set goals for the future.  It’s imperative that students are adequately prepared for the workforce, which is why our program incorporates a job readiness curriculum that sets students on the path to success.  Our goal is to help young people experience the world of the workforce and transition to postsecondary education or a job with career potential.  We will create partnerships that will link school coursework to future careers through work-based learning.