The Union Maya




The Union Maya will showcase the culture, traditions, traditional food, and history of Oakland’s indigenous Mayan community and facilitate intercultural exchange.

This project is about Maya cultural and language revitalization. Our revitalization program specifically focuses on disseminating and revitalizing the values, ethics, and principles embodied in cultural practices such as weaving, as well as in teaching our
indigenous languages. The project will be a benchmark for future Indigenous Maya generations.

By providing an opportunity for the Maya people to practice and celebrate their cultural traditions, we aim to help Maya people recognize their own beauty, language, food, culture, and power.

Through the project, we hope to see greater visibility and understanding of the Maya community in Oakland and the wider Bay Area. We hope to see strengthened connections between the Maya community, churches, schools, clinics, and local organizations that do or can serve us. Our intention is to bridge cultural knowledge of education and revitalization with Western education. We want to develop new tools and teaching methods to make a difference for the local organizations/institutions and the Maya Mam community.